The Recruiter's Go To Market Plan

Part 2: Validating Demand

Hey there, folks!

This is probably the most jam packed value episode I’ve ever done. It’s a deep read and there is a lot here. If you make it to the end (or just skip there), there is a cool offer for my subscribers to get free access to the course that I’m dropping. If you are struggling to pick up leads, you don’t want to miss out on this.

If you've been following along, last episode we took a deep dive into identifying potential markets. We explored the ins and outs of market research, and I shared some of my favorite strategies for uncovering those hidden gems in the recruiting landscape.

But identifying a potential market is just the first step. Now, we're moving onto the next crucial phase: validating market demand. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty. We're going to dig into the data, have some real conversations, and really get to know our market. It’s not just about finding a market; it’s about finding the right market.

So, what exactly is market validation? In simple terms, it's the process of confirming that your product or service (in our case, candidates or recruiting solutions) meets the needs of a specific market. One that’s not just profitable, but sustainable and fulfilling. It’s about asking, “Is this a wave I can ride, or is it a fleeting ripple?” It's about ensuring that there's a real demand for what you're offering.

We are going to explore two go-to-market strategies: the candidate-led approach, this is your typical MPC led outreach, and the service-led approach, where we focus on offering unique recruiting solutions. Both strategies have their merits, and the best choice depends on your specific situation. Either way, the most important factor in this is thinking long term.

Long-Term Thinking

The leading indicator I’ve found on whether a recruiter will be able to make it in a downturn is how they think about their desk and their business.

If they respond to questions in terms of what they are going to extract out of the market this quarter or even this year, then they are often thinking short term and are likely to yo-yo.

However, ones who think in terms of 2-5+ years will have a greater likelihood of success in finding validated markets. Why? Well its very difficult for trendy markets and trendy type offers to last beyond a given period. You are forced to think about the viability of what you are going after and how you can serve the clients, candidates, and your staff.

For example, look at all the mortgage recruiters that jumped head first during the post pandemic boom. Most of them just offered the same products and services to a trendy volatile market. Where are they now?

I really wanted to poke fun at a certain agency here but I’ll not feed my intrusive thoughts… Anyway moving on!

Some of you are thinking “But Will, didn’t you just say follow hot markets?” Yes, but you have to see what is the best way to serve those markets and how that plan is going to add to your long term goal. If you are looking for more clarity on this, I promise if you stick with me through the series you will see what I’m talking about and how to find the balance. So with that, lets get into the demand validation process.

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