Recruiting with Dynamite

Recruiting with Dynamite

Recruiters are playing on hard mode... Let's flip the switch


What People Are Saying

“Will is a consummate pro! He comes from a place of first-hand experience, which really helps when he's offering solutions to your challenges. Even if he hasn’t experienced it himself, he’s more than likely done enough research on the topic to offer some guidance and lead you in the right direction. When you want a business partner that is invested in your success, you go to Will. ”

Lowell SantosRecruiter @ Rivian

“Will is an incredible human with a creative mind. I've been in the Recruiting space for over 18 years and transitioned to a new company 8 months or so ago. Although, my business unit was doing well, I reached out to Will to get some fresh perspective and approaches on client outreaches. The time he took to craft the outreaches, helped me land several new clients and 2 retainers with some growing startups. In our industry, it's tough to find someone who listens and can offer a true personal touch that delivers. Based on his approach and what he knew about me/my business, he hit it out of the park. His attention to detail and ability to deliver amazing collateral, really helped out my business. I would highly recommend working with Will. He is intelligent, listens and delivers!”

Hedi FazaiDirector of Recruiting @ Brainworks

“Will has a very unique talent he brings to the recruitment industry. He's a genuine savant when it comes to utilizing social media platforms to raise both the service and success within this industry. Will is a big picture kind of guy who has a genuine desire to bring real value to everyone he works with. His character and ethics are clearly evident. I'm a better man having to get to know Will McGhee”

Brian AntenbringFounder, TEEMA

“ Will M stays on the bleeding edge of technology and marketing and I continue to be blown away by the trail he is blazing. He is the caring genius that thinks 10 chess moves ahead but meets you where you are currently to help you along.”

Will SpenglerFounder, Frederick Fox

“Recruiting With Dynamite = key to Fort Knox. Can't remember if I saw you on LinkedIn first or on Benjamin's (insanely good) podcast, but glad to have been an early adopter.”

Julian BlackSr Technical Recruiter

“Have to say.... what an eye-opener!! The depths of the knowledge you give away is amazing... Truly a fan of lots of things you mentioned and I love researching the crap out of the market and knowing exactly why you are contacting a client/candidate. ”

Sonny S.Executive Director

“Loving the content 200% and its giving me a renewed sense of business process and optimism.”

Brad JonesRecruiting Manager

“Your delineation between product vs process marketing was so incredibly helpful. I’ve rarely felt right about product marketing, but have had trouble synthesizing my thoughts on the process side. I’m uncertain the moment it clicked, but an “oh holy shit” moment happened and I’m very grateful.”

Max R.Recruiting Manager

“Love that you're putting out content where I can really learn something - appreciate it!”

Max G. Founder