The Recruiter's Go To Market Plan

Part 1: Identifying New Markets

Let’s start with some quick announcements!

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Now onto the main attraction.

As we embark on the first chapter of our five-part Recruiter Go-To-Market series, our mission is to equip agency recruiters with the knowledge and strategies to venture confidently into new markets.

Whether you are a recruiter struggling in your current market or a leader looking to expand your reach to meet your goals, the ability to identify and validate is paramount. This segment will illuminate the intricacies of pinpointing a promising new market.

Define Success

Before we delve deeper, it's imperative to emphasize the significance of goal-setting.

Venturing into a new market without a roadmap is akin to sailing without a compass. Begin by scrutinizing your past revenue streams. Dissect them, understand the driving forces behind each dollar earned, and assign tangible values to each activity. This meticulous analysis will provide invaluable insights.

Once this foundation is laid, project your revenue aspirations. To truly challenge yourself/ team, consider amplifying these targets by an ambitious 30%. This not only sets a benchmark, but also ignites the drive to surpass it.

Your exercise might look something like this.

Metric Math

With these coordinates in place, you're faced with a pivotal decision: Do you amplify your efforts, or do you refine and optimize your existing strategies?

This choice will shape your approach to the new market. Also, once you analyze your market, it will guide you in determining if the market is large enough to meet your goals.

Rethinking Traditional Tactics

Historically, recruiters were armed with rudimentary tools: a list, a designated territory, a phone and a pat on the back. Often times being led by someone who might have just been great at volume pounding vs someone who actually has a repeatable strategy.

Getting insights and a process from folks like that is like pulling teeth. Often, their answer is to simply to send more SPAM. Why? Because it worked for them.

If you are having PTSD just thinking about that person (we all know them), I am with you.

However, the landscape has evolved. The old playbook, where recruiters operated with limited business development acumen and can throw spaghetti at the wall, is becoming less effective.

The problem is that, if your traditional market wanes and you're company tethers you to an inflexible plan, PIP might be in your future.

On the other hand, many of you work in a no-territory, goldrush environment and simply follow what the top billers are doing, never claiming the full potential of a market by being a first mover.

The need of the hour is a paradigm shift. With a plethora of data at our fingertips, the transition from a passive stance to a proactive strategy is not just beneficial—it's essential.

This is why we need to know how to identify markets early.

Here are some ways to do just that.

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